Love Quotes in Tagalog

The phrases below are English to Tagalog phrases you can use to express yourself in tagalog to your Filipina or Filipino loved ones.These love phrases in Tagalog are excerpts from the chapters of Love Quotes in Tagalog.

Getting to Know

English Tagalog
It is a lovely day  Kay ganda ng araw na ito!
How are you? Kumusta ka?
Where are you from?  Taga saan ka?
Do you work?  Nagtratrabaho ka ba?
Where will we meet?  Saan tayo magkikita?
Do you study any language?  Nag-aaral ka ba ng ibang lenguahe?
Nice to meet you  Kinagagalak kong makilala ka.
I'd like to get to know you better  Gusto kong makilala ka ng lubusan
Can you give me your phone number? Maaari mo bang ibigay ang phone number mo?
Can you give me your email address? Maaari mo bang ibigay ang email address mo?
Can you send me a text message? Maaari mo ba akong padalhan ng text?
Can you help me please?  Maari mo ba akong tulungan
I sent a card to her  Pinadalhan ko siya ng card.
I sent a card to you  Pinadalhan kita ng card.


English Tagalog

You look cute

Ang cute mo naman

You are beautiful!

Ang ganda mo

You are very beautiful

And ganda-ganda mo pala

I didn't know you looked this beautiful!

Hindi ko alam napakaganda mo pala!

Your hair looks beautiful

Ang ganda ng buhok mo

Like And Crush

English Tagalog
I like you.  Gusto kita.
I like you so much  Gustong-gusto kita
I don't like you  Hindi kita gusto
I have a crush on you  May gusto ako sayo
Do you have a crush on me?  May gusto ka ba sa akin?
Could you please tell me?  Pwede mo bang sabihin?
So, you just like me for a friend?  Ah, gusto mo lang ako bilang kaibigan?
I like you but just as a friend  Gusto kita bilang kaibigan lang.
I have a boyfriend  May nobyo na ako.
I have a girlfriend  May nobya na ako.
Are you angry?  Galit ka ba?

Falling in Love

English Tagalog
I think of you  Iniisip kita
I always think of you. Laging kitang iniisip. 
You make me happy.  Pinaliligaya mo ako.
You are dear to me.  Mahal ka sa akin.
Can this be love?  Pag-ibig ba ito?
I'm falling in love with you  Nahuhulog ang loob ko sa iyo
I'm in love with you.  In love ako sayo.
I love you.  Mahal kita.
I don't love you.  Hindi kita mahal.
Do you love me?  Mahal mo ba ako?
Yes, I love you  Oo, mahal kita.
Do you love me too?  Mahal mo rin ba ako?
I love you too  Mahal din kita

Deeper In Love

English Tagalog
Each day I miss you more.  Bawat araw lalo kitang hinahanap-hanap.
I need you.  Kailangan kita.
I can't live without you.  Hindi ko kayang mabuhay na wala ka
I close my eyes and imagine that you are close to me.  Pinipikit ko ang aking mga mata at iniisip na tayo'y magkatabi
You are my hero.  Ikaw ang aking bayani.
You are my soul mate.  Ikaw ang karugtong ng aking buhay.
I want to be with you forever.  Gusto kitang makasama habang buhay.
This is the most beautiful love in the world!  Ito ang pinakamagandang pag-ibig sa buong mundo.
Love me! Or I shall die.  Mahalin mo ako. kung hindi mamamatay ako.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Gusto kitang makasama habang buhay
I've waited for you all my life  Ikaw ang aking hinintay buong buhay ko

Breaking Up and Reconciliation

English Tagalog

Do you love him?

Mahal mo ba siya?

Do you really love me?

Mahal mo ba talaga ako?

Do you love someone else?

May mahal ka bang iba?

I never loved anyone else but you

Wala akong ibang minahal kundi ikaw

Nothing is going to change my love for you

Walang makakapagbago ng pag-ibig ko sa iyo

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And Even MORE Love Quotes in Tagalog

English Tagalog
I never knew what love was til I met you  Hindi ko alam kung ano ang pag-ibig bago kita 
You are my dream come true  Ikaw ang panaginip kong nagkatotoo
You are everything to me  Ikaw ang lahat sa akin
You are my one true love  Ikaw ang nagiisang kong sinisinta
You are the one I will love forever  Ikaw ang aking iibigin magpakailanman
I love you, and its true!  Mahal Kita, hindi ito bola!
My world revolves around you  Sa iyo umiikot ang mundo ko
My heart beats for you Tumitibok ang puso ko para sa


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