Love Quotes in Cebuano - I Always Think Of You

Love Quotes in Cebuano Video - Tutorial

lovequotesincebuano LOVE QUOTES IN CEBUANO

     It is a video compilation of expressions commonly used to communicate in Cebuano. The arrangement of the chapters is very natural and geared towards conversations of love. Its exciting format first starts with the "Getting to Know" then gravitating to the "Like and Crush" part then finally falling in more serious phrases entailing True Love and Marriage.
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Cebuano Translation
I always think of you
Gihunahuna ko ikaw kanunay

Express your love in Cebuano or Bisaya with the help of this Video Series from

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I can't live without you Each day I miss you more
I always think of you Do you miss me?
I adore you my love How are you?
Can you give me your phone number? Can you be my beloved?
Can you help me please? Are you angry?




















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