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  • icon_moodle_ceb.jpgThis online course contains 105 sections of common expressions and useful phrases essential to communicating in Bisaya or Cebuano. The structure of this course allows the beginning learner to derive expressions which is an effective way to learn the Language.

    Start learning Cebuano the proper way and Enroll in this course Now.

  • love-quotes-dvd-case-square.jpg
    An excerpt on the Love Quotes in Cebuano DVD featuring several video clips you can view here for free. Take this free lesson now to learn how to surprise her with your newly learned love quotes.

  • An excerpt from one of our best-sellers An Introduction to Cebuano

  • It is a video compilation of expressions commonly used to communicate in Tagalog. The arrangement of the chapters is very natural and geared towards conversations of love. Its exciting format first starts with the "Getting to Know" then gravitating to the "Like and Crush" part then finally falling in more serious phrases entailing True Love and Marriage.

    Access the Love Quotes in Tagalog Videos Now
  • Video Clips you can use for expressing yourself to your Filipina friend or Filipino Date.! It contains a lot of video clips from the Love Quotes in Tagalog DVD.

    Access Filipina Dating Phrase for FREE

  • An introduction to Chavacano ( Text And Audio )

  • This is an excerpt from our Chavacano Course, An Introduction to Chavacano. Its one hundred and five sections of simple phrases, idioms, plus a glossary of over 500 entries serve as a very functional yet exciting introduction to the language.

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